Sdružení hliněného stavitelství


Project name: 
Natural and earthen materials in modern and traditional structures.

Registration number of the project:


Grant scheme name:

Developing capacities for the extension vocational education

Aid provider:

The South-Moravian region

Aid beneficiary – Project applicant:

The Earthen Architecture Association, o.s.

Project partner:

Brno University of Technology

Unfired earth

- one of major materials used in the past, much despised in the last century, is experiencing its rebirth at the present time. The reason is its low energy demand in production, ready availability, waste free technology and easy recycling after the end of the operating life. Another significant reason is not only the unobjectionable character of the material for human health but its direct favourable effect on the health of people. It is used together with other natural materials such as wood, stone, straw, wool, flax and hemp. The project goal is to contribute to the improvement of this unfortunate situation through the creation of a module educational programme intended for target groups of employer representatives and employees of design and construction companies and building offices. The educational programme will be spread among the target groups in the form of conferences, training courses and by internet.

Key activities of project implementation

1. Preparation and organization of the international conference Healthy Houses 2007 

The International Conference Healthy Houses 2007 will take place at the Faculty of Architecture,  Brno University of Technology on 21 June 2007. The Conference will be devoted to  natural building materials in their historic and today’s form. The Conference will attempt at connecting experts in this issue from countries of the former Eastern Europe and at linking up with the idea of a formerly existing international network DEAN - Danubian Earthen Architecture Network – established as far back as in 1994.

2. Preparation and realization of exhibitions

Exhibitions will be of educational and informative character. They will be installed as accompanying displays at the conferences Healthy Houses as well as self-sustained exhibitions whose scenario would correspond with their focus.

3. Preparation and realization of excursions Excursions will make participants acquainted with interesting historical and modern earthen constructions including objects after refurbishment and reconstruction.

4. Creation of module instruction 
During the project, data will be currently gathered and generated for the creation of module teaching. Cooperation is developed with the individual faculties of Brno University of Technology  (Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Chemistry).

5. Pilot checking of the education

Pilot checking will be made during the final stages of the project. 6. E-learning portal

E-learning education will be created in MOODLE environment. 

7. Testing the portal functionality, operation     After the end of the e-learning courses a final check will be carried out of portal functionality and operation.

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