Sdružení hliněného stavitelství

Producers, builders

PICAS (Michal a Simona Navrátilovi) - Hradčany u Tišnova

Production of earthen plasters PICAS and the other natural building materials.
603 110 366

     HLINĚNÝ DŮM - Lysovice u Vyškova

Production and sale of natural building materials, design and realisation of buildings.
608 419 421

     CLAYGAR - Olomouc 

Production of earth pressbricks and ;plaster mixtures, consultation and realisation.
725 605 810

           HELUZ - České Budějovice

Besides the classical range produces earth mortar and earth bricks HELUZ NATURE Energy.

800 212 213



     Ing. arch. Mojmír Hudec - Ateliér ELAM, Pekařská 6, 60200 Brno   

Designs of houses made from natural materials, low-energy, ecological, passive and active houses.
543 234 510  

     Doc. Ing. Ivana Žabičková, CSc. - Šeránkova 17, 61600 Brno   

Static survey and design of reconstruction of existing earth buildings, consultancy earth buildings.

603 951 939

     Ing. arch. Kateřina Šmardová, Ph.D. - Brno

Projects of energy-efficient buildings, sensitive refurbishment, emphasis on using natural materials. Interior proposals. Realization of decorations and details in earthen plasters, conulting and educational activities in the field of earth in architecture.
774 595 005

     Ing. Zdeněk Vejpustek, Ph.D. - č.p. 461, 756 23 Jablůnka

Interaction of wood and clay. Statics for traditional and anusual wooden constructions with earth elements. Diagnosis and rehabilitation of damaged structures. Residential and commercial (civil works) construction of wood and earh. Competence across the EU.
00 420 725 675 064




     Martin Papež -  Craftsmanship earth plaster and stuccu morocan, workshops and counseling for selfhelp realization in Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and in the Slovak Republic.
774 850 558

     Honza Pospíšil - Builds straw houses, supports self builders in form assisted construction. Organizes workshops and lectures on alternative structure and technologies topics.
608 333 545

     Aleš Dorazil -  Realization of earth plasters, work witzh the other natural building materials, advice and guidance of similarly focused workshops.
775 619 848 

     Ondřej Netík - (craftsman, permaculture designer, writer) buildings made of straw and clay, earth plasters and applications. Friend, who will lead you through creating of your house.
604 714 021

   Bohdan Nebesař - a grain of sand, creator of simple things from natural materials in accordance living energy. He tries to be the change which we wish to see in the world around us.
773  610  357 

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